We're Hitting The Road

We're hitting the road! Kenny and I are embarking on a journey across most of the country, stopping at several national parks along the way.

Now, I've gone through several iterations of this blog post, which is why it's taken me so long to write and release (sorry for the wait). I couldn't help getting overly poetic about travel and why it's so great for the soul. It seemed to be a little much, and I thought I'd be nice and spare you all the details. The truth is, we're going because we want to. Life is short. However, I especially want to go because I feel like I can’t possible create an outdoor apparel company that is suitable for everyone, unless I create a better understanding of the world for myself. I'm sure most of you remember a couple months ago when President Trump announced that he was shrinking the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments. It was terrible, awful, discouragingly bad news.road trip I mean, who does that? It was especially difficult for me because I didn't know how to relate. In pictures, both of these places look amazing but I haven't seen it with my own eyes. I have never been to Moab, Arches, Bryce, or Yellowstone for that matter. It was impossible for me to come to a complete understanding of the situation; something had to be done. That night I sat at my computer and started planning the trip of all trips. There was no way Moab was going to miraculously pop up in my backyard, so I planned to go there myself. 

 I don't want to spoil all of the trip details in one looonnngg blog post, so I'm going to leave you all right here at the edge of your seats.

Looking forward to the next adventure, I’ll keep you updated!




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  • You may never come back. It’s gorgeous out there. Had I taken the trip when I was young, I’d likely still be out there. Good for you. Enjoy it.

    Doug Ewing
  • Can I come with you? I’ll help you take pictures

    Judy MacLachlan

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