The STEWARD X MiiR Collaboration

It's a collaboration of Earth saving proportions! A one-of-a-kind STEWARD X MiiR 27oz. stainless steel water bottle laser etched with our brand. Before I get too into the deets, let me take you to where it all started. As the owner of STEWARD Outdoor, I so badly wanted us to have a line of sustainable water bottles. I’ve always had this desire and compulsion to manufacture and create things; I love the thought process and the overall challenge of trying to accomplish something new. However, through trial and error, I have learned that the creation side of things can become rather time-consuming. I figured it would take me several months to engineer and create a line of water bottles that fell into my eco-conscious criteria so I decided to rethink my approach. Although I intend to create a solo piece in the future, I decided that a collaboration piece would be an effective way of accomplishing my goal in a timely manner.

There was one brand that I had been following pretty closely for a STEWARD X MiiRwhile and felt totally connected with their mission: MiiR. MiiR is a certified B Corp located in Seattle, Washington. Founded by Bryan Pape' in 2010, MiiR was inspired by Bryan's determination to create positive change. After a brief run in with mortality in 2006 after a traumatic ski accident, Bryan came to the realization that in his lifetime he wanted to do something that would help make the world a better place. Among many other amazing products, they sell a super cool line of sustainable water bottles. What really gained my attention about these bottles was the fact that each bottle allows for trackable giving. The donations from each of their sales go toward funding various projects to supply clean drinking water around the world! Needless to say, I was hooked. When considering which direction we would go in regards to the artwork for the piece, we knew that our logo was a necessity but we were left with a lot of negative space to fill. Lucky for us, a good friend of ours, Shelby, was able to create a design that aligned with our overall aesthetic. The lines around our STEWARD logo are inspired by the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Looks aside, these bottles are super functional, durable, and portable. I take mine absolutely everywhere, and where my Nalgene wasn't able to fit in cup holders before, my MiiR bottle fits perfectly. The bottles came out exactly how we envisioned them and fulfilled all our expectations of a sustainable water bottle. But don’t just take our word for it, check them out yourself! 

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