Tackling Climate Change One Step at a Time

Photo by Andrew Miller 

Protect Our Winters is a Boulder,Colorado based non profit organization, whose mission is to battle climate change and help preserve earth’s natural environment. POW has recruited many of its members by turning passionate outdoors people into effective climate control advocates. This community of athletes, thought pioneers and forward-thinking business leaders are all working together to create systemic political solutions to combat harmful climate change.

In the struggle to preserve our environment, POW has focused on several key areas to reach its ultimate goal. The key areas that require immediate attention are: renewable energy, carbon pricing, transit solutions and protecting public land. In order to achieve these goals, responsible and educated politicians must be voted into office. POW strongly encourages an engaged, young audience ready to put in the work to head to the polls and address climate change as top concern.

Tackling climate change in our industrialized economy is not going to be easy, but POW is certainly on the right track. This company, which was created by one person, professional snowboarder and CEO Jeremy Jones, has grown to an impressive 130,000 members. In order to be successful in their campaign, POW will need to focus on advocate training, engagement and advocate movement building to educate people on the importance of climate control. By implementing these tactics and educating our community, we know POW will continue to make it’s mission a reality.

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