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Not many people know this, but in addition to outdoor apparel, we also do quite a bit of filming and photography at STEWARD. I, mKenny getting the shotyself, like to think I'm an amateur photographer at best, but lucky for us I don't handle much of the video making. My compadre, Kenny Kelly, handles pretty much all of the video work for STEWARD Outdoor. Filming, video editing, sound, lighting, the whole works, he does it all. As long time friends, I remember Kenny working with cameras before I even knew how to use one. He studied video editing both in high school and at Fitchburg State University. Kenny and I started working on STEWARD together way back when the company was just an idea. He had just graduated from Fitchburg and I was still a junior at Salem State University. I remember grabbing lunch with him on Cape and throwing ideas back and forth about possibly filming a logo release video for STEWARD. Without hesitation, Kenny looked at me and said "Yeah, let's go film dope shit!" 

After a day in the mountains and Kenny spending a few more days editing, we had the very first STEWARD Outdoor video (link here). I was completely blown away by the end result; I couldn't believe that I was a part of something so amazing. I remember the first time seeing the final result on Halloween and my friends making fun of me because I watched it on repeat a hundred or so times. After our logo release video, we moved on to developing a video for an upcoming Kickstarter campaign. For this one in particular, we really wanted to hit a home run so we filmed in several different locations, all of which were relevant to our story. We filmed in New Hampshire, on the Cape, and at Salem State University. We had interviews with our clothing manufacturer, the CEO of an environmental non-profit that we were working with, and the president of Salem State University. Each interview not only helped to build the brand, but they also told the story beautifully (link here). On the Kickstarter release day, the video actually made my Dad cry a bit (just don't tell him I told you). The video gave us a HUGE leg up on our Kickstarter campaign and we were able to raise a fair amount of funding. Even though we didn't get the funds because we didn't completely meet our goal, we still grew, and continued to grow. 
Although we haven't released any new videos since, it doesn't necessarily mean that the camera has stopped rolling. Kenny and I have been working on a new video for about a year and a half now. We’re creating a video in which we hope to give you all an even better understanding as to where the heart and soul of STEWARD comes from. Ultimately, we do want to change the world and we want all of you along for the ride. There is more power in video than I ever could have imagined, and a HUGE thank you goes out to Kenny for telling the story in ways I never could. 
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